Post University – What now?

On the 28th September I formally finished my Master’s Degree with a Distinction. The last few months in lockdown proved challenging at the best of times. Having to alter the course of one unit due to the inability to go outside or visit University, and re-structuring others, especially my dissertation, to use readily available (online) resources. All in all it was tremendously rewarding, and I learnt a great deal on many aspects of art, culture, heritage etc, and was able[…]

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An Education in Photography

Is a photography degree worth doing? The debate about whether a higher education in photography is relevant or even helps to get a job after graduation is one that has no clear answer. Many people would say it’s worth it and just as many will say it isn’t. Both sides have positive and negative points, but what can an education offer that self-learning cannot? Is a photography degree really worth pursuing?

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