How is Pose used in Portrait Photography?

To finish my Master’s Degree I chose to write a dissertation (as opposed to a Final Major Project). This was initially daunting as the limit was 20,000 words (excluding quotes), but good guidance and planning meant this was filled relatively easily. I chose to write about portrait photography as this was one area that I, despite not being a portrait photographer, have always found fascinating from both an art-historical and theoretical photography point of view. Portrait photography is a very[…]

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Martin Parr

This photograph by Martin Parr was one of the first that made me stop to think and appreciate the picture. I wasn’t even that into photography at the time. I must have been about 16 or 17 when it caught my eye in the newspaper. So much so that I cut it out and placed it on my noticeboard dead centre in between giant posters of mountain bikes. A small three-inch tall black and white photo evoking calm and solitude[…]

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Film Photography is not dead

Film photography. I’m lucky/old enough to remember film well. I started out on my photographic adventures with my fathers Contax 139 and a few rolls of XP2 way back in 1998, taking photos of my friends mountain biking. Back then the only choice was what film to use, then the three day wait to see if what you’ve photographed actually turned out ok. Digital turned the photo-world upside down. It made the learning curve quicker and easier with instant feedback.[…]

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