How Does Digital Technology Advance Landscape Photography in a Postdigital World?

This essay was the first assignment on our MA and formed the conclusion to our unit on Material, Digital and Convergent Cultures. While I’m overall happy with the essay, I got 74% for it, reading it now there are a lot of things that could have been expanded upon, and areas gone into more detail. Landscape photography theory is one area that I’ll like to research in more depth, and this essay is a good starting point. It is presented[…]

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Post University – What now?

On the 28th September I formally finished my Master’s Degree with a Distinction. The last few months in lockdown proved challenging at the best of times. Having to alter the course of one unit due to the inability to go outside or visit University, and re-structuring others, especially my dissertation, to use readily available (online) resources. All in all it was tremendously rewarding, and I learnt a great deal on many aspects of art, culture, heritage etc, and was able[…]

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Is Documentary Photography Exploitative?

The following essay I completed as part of my MA unit ‘Writing Criticism: Critical and Analytical Frameworks‘. This was a critical writing essay on a topic of our own choice, and our first major essay of the MA. I chose to write about documentary photography and got 83/100 which I was pretty pleased with. Naturally, since this was written I have read and researched a lot more, and have found there are a lot of things that I would do[…]

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