Post University – What now?

On the 28th September I formally finished my Master’s Degree with a Distinction. The last few months in lockdown proved challenging at the best of times. Having to alter the course of one unit due to the inability to go outside or visit University, and re-structuring others, especially my dissertation, to use readily available (online) resources. All in all it was tremendously rewarding, and I learnt a great deal on many aspects of art, culture, heritage etc, and was able to focus my studies around photography.

One of the side effects of lockdown was the cancellation of our MA end of year show. However, the three MA course of Visual Communication, Art Direction for Fashion and Beauty, and my own course, Critical Creative Practice moved online to a virtual MA show.

After submitting our work, two of my images were chosen along with three other student’s work to be printed and hung in the Solent Showcase Gallery to advertise the online show. It was really good to see my images printed this big, and has made me want to get more printed this size. Wall space allowing…


Now my Master’s is done and dusted, I’m looking into progressing with the project that was on display in the Showcase Gallery, ‘Forgotten History‘. Images of which can be seen on my photography website. Lockdowns and work aside, I’m hoping to have something out in 2021 or 2022. There are a few other things in the very early planning stage, but I’ll keep those under wraps until they’re more developed.

I will in the next few weeks put my dissertation up here, probably in parts as it’s a long read in one go!

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