M.P. Osborne - Isle of Wight Landscape Photography

I am an Isle of Wight based photographer and writer. My photography practice is situated between social documentary photography and landscape photography, combining memory, history, narrative and place. I like to explore areas, objects, or things to document and record the mundane every-day and create a new way of photographing a well-photographed Island. I write about art and photography, discussing contemporary photographic practice alongside my own thoughts around photography.

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Brook - MP Osborne Isle of Wight Landscape Photography


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East Cowes - MP Osborne Isle of Wight Photography


What is it all about and what does it mean for photographic practice? I first came across the term psychogeography on my MA from one of our lecturers, Dr Sebastiane Hegarty, who was organising some psychogeographic walks around Southampton. Unfortunately, Covid stopped that, but I never stopped thinking about psychogeography. It seemed an interesting term …Continue Reading

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East Cowes - MP Osborne Isle of Wight Landscape Photography

East Cowes Skatepark