Psychogeography and Photography - M.P. Osborne


What is it all about and what does it mean for photographic practice? I first came across the term psychogeography on my MA from one of our lecturers, Dr Sebastiane Hegarty, who was organising some psychogeographic walks around Southampton. Unfortunately, Covid stopped that, but I never stopped thinking about psychogeography. It seemed an interesting term for essentially thinking about the built environment as you wander through it. So where does this term come from and what the dickens does it[…]

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Photography and Fatherhood. How photography can link the generations. M.P. Osborne

Photography and Fatherhood

I am now also posting on Substack! – Do sign up to receive new posts straight to your inbox. Photography and Fatherhood – Thinking about how photography links the generations. In June 2022 I became a father. This was understandably a huge event in my (and my wife’s) life. What with the sleepless nights, nappies, and generally being on 24hr duty for our baby boy, thoughts of photography were put aside for a few months while I became accustomed[…]

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Photography and A.I.

The last year or so has seen an explosion in A.I. technology being reported in the media. What was once seen as science fiction, has, over the last couple of decades, become more prevalent and more widespread. Most people by now would have heard about Chat GPT on the news. This technology is exciting, but also raises serious questions how best to integrate this into our lives, or even if we should. While the pitfalls and positives are now being[…]

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Appreciating the Camera

Can digital cameras be appreciated alongside film cameras as the tools they are, or does nostalgia and aesthetic value always mean film cameras are appreciated more? In October 2021 I sold my Nikon D700, a camera I had desperately wanted ever since it was first released. I bought mine second-hand from my local camera shop and proceeded to photograph many weddings, portraits, landscapes and mountain bike sessions with it. However, as time and technology marches on, the DSLR form factor[…]

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How is Pose used in Portrait Photography?

To finish my Master’s Degree I chose to write a dissertation (as opposed to a Final Major Project). This was initially daunting as the limit was 20,000 words (excluding quotes), but good guidance and planning meant this was filled relatively easily. I chose to write about portrait photography as this was one area that I, despite not being a portrait photographer, have always found fascinating from both an art-historical and theoretical photography point of view. Portrait photography is a very[…]

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How Does Digital Technology Advance Landscape Photography in a Postdigital World?

This essay was the first assignment on our MA and formed the conclusion to our unit on Material, Digital and Convergent Cultures. While I’m overall happy with the essay, I got 74% for it, reading it now there are a lot of things that could have been expanded upon, and areas gone into more detail. Landscape photography theory is one area that I’d like to research in more depth, and this essay is a good starting point. It is presented[…]

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