Isle of Wight

I am a wanderer and observer. I loosely position my practice between social documentary and landscape photography, using psychogeography to explore notions of place alongside narrative and memory, situating the main body of my work on the Isle of Wight.

My photographs aim to explore areas, objects, or things that document and record the mundane every-day. The Isle of Wight is famous as a tourist destination, and many people’s idea of the Island conforms to preconceived or sanitised ideas of what the Island should look like. These are often based on tourist information sites, postcards or picturesque landscape images, catering to a particular aesthetic taste.

My practice aims to disrupt this, by photographing the things that go unseen and unnoticed. Sometimes going against how people think the Island should be represented, but instead showing a truer representation of the Island.

As the writer Kirsten Seal noted, ‘photographs are at once visual and physical dramatisations of the transience of everyday life’.