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East Cowes - MP Osborne Isle of Wight Photography

Psychogeography & Photography

What is it all about and what does it mean for photographic practice? I first came across the term psychogeography on my MA from one of our lecturers, Dr Sebastiane Hegarty, who was organising some psychogeographic walks around Southampton. Unfortunately Covid stopped that, but I never stopped thinking about psychogeography. It seemed an interesting term …Continue Reading

Photography Talks and Back to University

My last post was way back in August and while I had a few more ideas for things to write for the Autumn, I made the decision to head back to university in September. Since then things have got rather full-on and busy.

An Education in Photography

Is a photography degree worth doing? The debate about whether a higher education in photography is relevant or even helps to get a job after graduation is one that has no clear answer. Many people would say it’s worth it and just as many will say it isn’t. Both sides have positive and negative points, …Continue Reading


As people who know me know, I love art and photography. This site is intended to run alongside my photographic site mikeophoto, but where I can post up more written work. That’s not to say there will be a complete absence of photography, just the main focus of this site is a place to post …Continue Reading